The Distinguished Gentleman’s Ride in Tenerife

The Distinguished Gentleman’s Ride event took place last Sunday, September 30, 2019. Now the video for the event has been published. Thousands of distinguished gentlemen took part and it was celebrated in hundreds of cities around the world, among which of course, Tenerife.

Yes, these distinguished gentlemen tied the scarf, twisted their mustaches and rode on their classic custom motorcycles. Vintage motorcycles were also seen, all with the aim of raising funds to raise awareness of men’s health.

Men’s health as the main goal

The Distinguished Gentleman’s Ride is an attempt to collect donations that should contribute to prostate cancer research. Attempts are also being made to raise awareness of suicides in order to prevent them as much as possible.

This event was launched in Sydney, Australia. Its founder is Mark Hawwa, who was inspired by a photo of Don Draper, the Mad Men series. That photo showed a scene with Don Draper astride a classic motorcycle, dressed in his best suit.

An innovative idea

Mark Hawwa, inspired by the just described, planned a thematic trip, which in turn is a great way to combat clichés. Because the majority of clichés and prejudices are negative, all related to motorcycle riders.

In this way it is tried to show that the motorcyclists are not just a stereotype, but rather complete gentlemen. It also tries to connect different genres and groups within the motorcycle rider scene. Everyone dresses as fine gentlemen to show that they are more than just a cliché.

This is a trip to collect donations to support projects that promote men’s health.

The results in Tenerife

The Distinguished Gentleman’s Ride in Tenerife took place last September and was attended by 446 motorcyclists. They were all committed to the cause and dressed in their best suits to ride their motorcycles.

Almost $ 10,000 was donated to this event, which is a resounding success. This shows that it is possible to raise awareness of male health. Thanks to this event, more attention was paid to the topic.

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