If you are looking for a good motorcycle, you should consider the GOES 125 RT EFI, which incorporates an EFI 125cc and 4T engine. This is an excellent alternative, and its 2-valve engine will always be an excellent option at all times, and that will give you excellent performance. In addition, it incorporates a forced air cooling system, using a turbine, which will always maintain excellent performance. Its braking system is CBS, which reduces the braking distance up to 32%, so you can always have excellent performance, and have great safety on your motorcycle.

Equipped for all tastes

In any case, the GOES 125 RT EFI adapts perfectly to all needs, since it comes in two black and gray colors. It has a wide platform with easy access, so you can have the whole instrumentation of your motorcycle in sight.  It has side air vents, as well as an easel, a side leg, a glove box and a bag hook. This guarantees that you always have great versatility, and always enjoy the best benefits, since you can always have excellent performance. In any case, you can have everything you need at hand, since this is a motorcycle fully equipped for the city. Thus, you can always have great comfort, and enjoy the greatest benefits with this motorcycle quickly.

Highly versatile seat

In any case, under the seat you will find a considerable space, so you will always have a space to store the helmet and all the tools you need to carry. In addition, it has a double ergonomic seat, which makes the GOES 125 RT EFI very comfortable.

This is a motorcycle designed for the city, especially because its comfortable. On the other hand, it incorporates a practical footrest, and a rack rack, always having greater comfort at all times. In addition, it is perfect for you to take another passenger, making you have great versatility with this motorcycle. All without neglecting comfort and best of all is that it has a fairly tight price.

This means that you will always have excellent performance at all times. Therefore, this is a model to consider if you are looking for a motorcycle for the city, a motorbike you can buy in Mas que Motos Tenerife.

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