Getting to know Tenerife on a motorcycle

Ascenso al teide en moto

There are many alternatives to know a city, but without a doubt the Island of Tenerife is a destination to know on a motorcycle. Its beautiful landscapes and beaches, along with good roads, make this an islandperfect to travel on a motorcycle, plus you avoid traffic. It is a perfect destination for motorcycle enthusiasts, and its main attractions are the motorcycle routes, which we will talk about today.

Main motorcycle routes around Tenerife

There are several routes that you can travel on a motorcycle through Tenerife, but the ones you cannot miss are:


This is the famous volcano that you can not miss, being one of the busiest routes for tourists. At this point you can ascend to all the volcanic roads on your motorcycle, and for this you must travel the TF-38 road. This is one of the most spectacular routes you can find on the island, and where you can see simply unique landscapes.

Anaga Rural Park

This is a park located northwest of the island, and it is a place you should not miss on the island. It has 14,000 hectares of land and has several trails that can be traveled on a motorcycle, which is why you can get to know it in all its splendor. You can enjoy majestic cliffs facing the sea, and you will find several viewpoints.

The Giants (Los Gigantes)

This is a fantastic route that will allow you to relax, bathe and sunbathe. This is a very touristic town, and it has two black sand beaches. One of them is the most visited by tourists because it is very close to the hotels. On the other hand, you will also find some majestic cliffs that will allow you to have an incredible view of the beaches, which is why it is a very busy tourist route and perfect to travel on a motorcycle.

South-north route

This is a fairly long route that will start in Costa Adeje and will end in Santa Cruz de Tenerife. This is perfect for tourists who want to know the highest points of the island, being one of the routes that motorcyclists like most. On this route you can pass through the Teide National Park or through the towns of Güímar or Arafo. Thus, you will get to know the island much more and enjoy a complete tour of the island, getting to know it thoroughly and enjoying its landscapes.

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