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Norton motorcycles are motorcycles that have more than a hundred years of history, being one of the most legendary brands in the world of two wheels. In any case, these are motorcycles that have a great quality and that you can enjoy in all their splendor, since they have simply fantastic designs.

This is a company that since its foundation in 1898 has been characterized by having a high quality. This brand began to gain fame in 1908, due to a 633 cubic centimeter engine that was incorporated into five models of the brand, which would make the brand known worldwide.

Your participation in history

The Norton brand of motorcycles has always been characterized by high quality, and has participated a lot in the history of the world. During the Second World War, the British army used 100,000 units of these motorcycles, which made them much more popular.

During the year 1967 they released their Commando model, which is, which was a legendary motorcycle, and which further promoted the brand. However, 9 years later the company went through financial problems almost until its closure. Although in 2008 it recovered again.

Different models to choose

Since its new appearance on the market, the mythical Commando was recovered, which had a design very similar to the original. In addition, this brand has been complemented with other products, so that you can have an even more complete experience of the world of motorcycling.

In any case you can find multiple models so that you can always have the greatest benefits. In addition, you can have a motorcycle from a mythical brand that has extensive experience in the market, allowing you to have the results you were looking for.

The legendary brand

Without a doubt, if you are passionate about the world of motorcycles, the Norton brand is one that you must have heard at least once. This is because it is one of the brands that has more than 100 years of history and that has a legendary legacy in the world of motorcycles.

If you want a powerful motorcycle, or even a ZFORCE, this is a brand you should consider. Especially since this is a brand that will offer you quite powerful engines, with classic designs, and that will always provide you with great quality.


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