Circular motorbike route from Santa Cruz

If you want to rediscover the island of Tenerife nothing better than this 159 kms motorcycle route. A route that encompasses a succession of populations, all of them quite charismatic but also characterized by the firmness of the layout, the quality of the road in each and every one of its kilometers and by a succession of unique curves. You can see this route on Wikiloc, it will be easier for you. We have decided to do it upside down from Santa Cruz, but you can do it to your liking, the views are the same.

Enjoy your motorcycle or the ones we have inside our motorcycle rental service in Tenerife. Our goal is none other than to put at your fingertips everything you need to travel around unforgettable miles.

Passing through San Andrés and La Quebrada

We will start this route from Santa Cruz with our passage through the town of San Andrés. Belonging to the district of Anaga, we find one of the most traditional towns on the island. With a marked fishing character we can enjoy our passage through that place where we can stop to make perfect snapshots.

La Quebrada is another of those towns with great charm. With a hill like great protagonist we will be able to be witnesses on the back of our motorcycle of an orography like never before. A perfect occasion to delight our eyes.

Enjoying ‘Las Casas de la Cumbre’

As its name suggests, we are in another town within this magical district of Anaga. To highlight, we have the farmhouse that we can find in these lands. A construction full of tradition that will give way to the very summit that makes a perfect division between the valleys of Afur and Bufadero.

We go to the viewpoint of Jardina

If something, La Laguna is characterized for the great biodiversity it has, and the viewpoint of La Jardina is a jewel. Stop your motorcycle to take some pictures. This is preserved almost intact thanks to the care of the people who inhabit the place. A magnificent enclave that will give us a succession of curves and very enjoyable small lines.

Once we leave La Jardina, we will cross to La Esperanza, and then continue along the old northern highway, over the highway until we reach Palo Blanco. From here, we go down to Benijos and reach the Caldera, where you can eat something in the bar-restaurant. From La Caldera we go back up almost to the Teide, look at the map of Wikiloc above and then start the big descent on the south side of the island of Tenerife …

Return and descent on the south side of Tenerife

We will descend all Las Lagunetas (Carretera de La Esperanza), a unique enclave that will allow us to face the final stretch of this route. At this point we will have enjoyed a succession of kilometers that will have left some moments forever in our retina. From Las Lagunetas, we go down El Llano del Moro (TF-272) to Santa Cruz again or, after so many kilometers, return home.

Before finalizing, we want to remind you that it is not necessary to face this route with your own motorcycle. You can enjoy the island completely and carry out a rental thanks to our service. A way to enjoy all the essence of the motorcycle in the most comfortable way possible. Visit Mas que Motos Tenerife.

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