All about the Mitt 125 PK


The time has come. Every day, more and more people need an urban motorcycle. A use in which, of course, consumption, maintenance and having a good mechanical reliability are essential. A very specific type of motorcycle that we will be able to find on this blog post.

A set of needs that can perfectly fit in the MITT 125 PK. A perfect motorcycle for those people declared urbanites who need an agile way of transport. But let’s get to know it a little better to know what the benefits of this precision machine are.

What does the MITT 125 PK offer?

Talking about the MITT 125 PK, is talking about a motorcycle with a marked sporty style. A naked cut motorcycle that has a really small size. Its design, as we have already talked about, is designed to achieve great mobility in the city. And the best part is that being very light, almost anyone can get to control it without hardly any effort.
It must be said that the attention that MITT has placed on each and every detail attracts a lot of attention. This is the result of the experience that has been accumulated over the last decades in the motorbike world.

• 125 cc
• 4-stroke engine / single cylinder
• Air cooling system
• EFI feeding
• Compression ratio 9.0: 1
• Front and rear headlights as standard
• Front disc brakes
• Flowered rear brakes
• Digital control panel
• High intensity LED type lighting
• Gear indicator activated
• Inverted fork and rear shock absorber
• Safe starting system without the use of a kickstand

With a great value for money

But these are not the only good of the MITT 125 PK. Likewise, if we think a little more we can see how the brand has invested time and resources in creating a vehicle that not only offers great specifications but it does so at a really competitive price.

All this leads to a conclusion. The MITT 125 PK is a small motorcycle but it has nothing to envy the motorcycles of medium cc power. Check the equipment we have discussed. An equipment that surprises especially if you consider that the price does not exceed 2,500 euros, 2,295€ at Más que Motos Tenerife.

A motorcycle that you should not miss if you want to make a long-term investment. Mobility, reliability and low consumption. And all this with the experience of MITT Motorcycles.

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