The New Super Soco TC

Super SOCO TC Tenerife

It is a fact. Electric motorcycles have come to the market to stay. And with them a new style, a different kind of driving but, as it could not be otherwise, the same passion. And all this without counting the many advantages that these motorcycles can have for many.

  • In urban areas the noise is considerably reduced.
  • Consumption is lower with all that implies from the point of view of expenditure.
  • The investment that must be made in electricity is not at all elevated so many people believe that this is a good alternative.
  • To all this we must add that the designs are still equally attractive so the essence of the bikers is not lost.

Super SOCO TC. A unique model

Within the offer that we can find in terms of electric motorcycles is concerned, we find a really attractive model. And it is that the Super SOCO TC is a motorcycle with very elegant lines that keeps the essence of those bikers who demand a good design and vintage style.

As a result of the years of research that have been carried out in electrical matters, we have reached a motorcycle that we can consider as unique within its species.

In collaboration with the experts of the BOSCH firm, it has been possible to create a set that will satisfy the demands of everyone regardless of age or the preconceived ideas that anyone could have of this type of motorcycle. Let’s see more features:

  1. The autonomy of this Super SOCO TC is up to 160 km, in models of 2 batteries, being up to 80 km, in the models of one, so we can ensure that almost all the routes we imagine can be covered.
  2. The charging time ranges between 5 and 6 hours so during the night you can proceed to load it.
  3. The motorcycle integrates a BOSCH brushless motor with a maximum power of 2,900 W.
  4. It has a maximum torque of 150 Nms and a speed of up to 70 km / h in a closed circuit although under normal conditions it can reach 45 km / h without any problem.
  5. The weight is 70 kg.

Finally, this motorcycle has been born with a large number of personalization options so each one can have the one that best suits their preferences. Remember that you can buy it in our Motorcycle Shop in Tenerife from € 3,095.

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