To Teide on a motorcycle

Ascenso al teide en moto

Within the Island of Tenerife there is no doubt that one of the greatest attractions is visiting Teide. A visit that according to many people that visit the Canary Islands is better on a motorcycle, as it is something unique. And it is not a surprise if we take into account the beauty of the volcano and of the entire route.

An ideal trip for bikers

Although it may sound strange, it must be said that the ascent to Teide on a motorcycle is not at all problematic. In fact, there are several factors to consider that make this route an authentic delight.
Motorcycles in Tenerife for anyone who wants to ascend to Teide.

There are many bikers who arrive in Tenerife without their own motorcycle. Well, now this detail has a solution since you can rent your motorcycle in Más que Motos Tenerife. A unique opportunity to enjoy a great catalogue of bikes that will allow you to live an extraordinary experience.

The difficulty of the route is very well adjusted

When talking about the ascent to Mount Teide you can think that the difficulty is maximum. However, this is not only not true, but we can say that the difficulty is quite easy.

To make this statement we must start from the basis that the asphalt is in optimal conditions to circulate on, something that helps a lot to all types of bikers, although above all it is something to take into account for the less experienced. And the best part is that it is a route that is usually available throughout the year, so it won’t matter when you visit it, unless it snows of course, but here are years in which it doesn’t snow at all.

A dreamy summit

And of course, how could it be otherwise when we talk about the Teide, the reward is not only in the ascent itself but also in what we can find when we reach the peak.

A unique and unrepeatable summit. A moment to enjoy. A moment in which we can leave our motorbike resting to walk on endless corners and really extraordinary enclaves to enjoy the best flora and fauna.

Where to Rent and start the Route

There are several ways to get to Teide but we recommend renting your bike in Puerto de la Cruz, at Más que Motos Tenerife, and then going all the way to La Laguna so that you can start the ascent to Teide from Las Mercedes. It has the best views for sure. If you want to go straight up then you can make it through La Orotava, but you won’t have views until high up. And then of course, there is a way up from the South of the Island, specifically through Vilaflor.

Now that you have all the information about the ascent to Teide on a motorcycle, we can only encourage you to try it. Undoubtedly it is one of those routes that must be carried out at least once in a lifetime. One of those ascents to enjoy, to recreate yourself in each curve, in each line and in each detail of the road.

Not in vain, we have to make a final recommendation and that is that you always carry your camera with you. Only then can you immortalize the beauty of some places that will remain in your retina forever. And all this with the biker spirit that so characterizes us. Or is there something more special?

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