The Bike Route or Stretch of Los Loros in Tenerife (Ruta-Tramo)

Ruta los loros moto tenerife

A strong sun hitting your body, a breeze gently brushing your face and at that old great feeling of freedom. These are all emotions that a biker knows well from the moment he gets on his motorcycle.

But if we add a high quality asphalt and a succession of really attractive curves, we could say without fear of being wrong, that we have the perfect route.

A route that far from thinking that we can have it in another country, or even in another continent, we must emphasize that we have it very close to us. We have it in the middle of Tenerife. And, as surely many biker friends have guessed, we are referring, as it could not be otherwise to the route of Los Loros.

The route of Los Loros. The route of excellence in Tenerife

A stretch that bikers based in Tenerife along with those who travel to the Canary Island know very well. Too good we could say. Not in vain, there are many who say that this is one of the most amazing stretches in the province.

It does not matter if you make the route in ascending direction as in descending direction. The high quality of the asphalt, carefully and constantly renewed, the twist of the curves and the beauty of the landscape will make this route absolutely unique. In fact, it is not strange to see how, especially on weekends, a large number of bikers congregate to face this route of Los Loros.

Much more than a route

However, the parrot route or route of Los Loros is not just this stretch. The fact that it connects with a small section of a route that goes to the Teide, and that in turn connects with the old highway of the South and TF1 highway, makes it open to a large number of other alternative routes. Some alternatives, to tell the truth, are all of them of great beauty. Because, as we just said, the Tramo de Los Loros is much more than just a route for bikers.

But there is still more, on weekends you can see a large number of bikers descending and climbing their curves, but it is no less true that this section has been dedicated to host several bike competitions. Among these competitions, we can highlight the so-called stretch of the Tenerife Rally and Subida de Los Loros. This proves, without a doubt, that the quality of this route is more than real.

For all this, from our point of view, we recommend that at least once in your life you try this route. In addition, we offer you all the comforts you can imagine since you can rent a motorcycle in Más que Motos Tenerife. Our large catalog will allow you to rent the one that best suits your needs. We also sell bikes, come and take a look !

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