Lambreta V125 Special Edition


Undoubtedly the evolution of the LAMBRETA since 1947 has been quite wide, and now you can find a fully customizable scooter. To adapt to all your tastes, it has a wide variety of colors, and has a semi-monocoque steel chassis.

These are features that can get your attention, especially because they will allow you to always have a scooter adapted to your tastes. However, LAMBRETA has more to offer, so I invite you to continue reading, so that you know more about this model.

Excellent performance

If you are looking for versatility and power, this will always be the best option, especially because you can find different engines. You can choose between a 50cc model and a 4T engine with electronic carburetor, or two configurations with direct fuel injection of 125cc and 169cc, both with a 4T engine.

This always makes it an excellent option when you are looking for versatility at all times. In addition, it introduces a double layer side panel, allowing you to always have the greatest benefits.

Best design

In any case, the base has a central steel beam 1.2mm thick, which extends along the airplane profile architecture. Thanks to this construction you can always reach a great force in the engine in a very fast way without increasing the weight in an unnecessary way.

This will always give you greater efficiency, which will guarantee that you will always have the greatest benefits. The design is made by Kiska, and has some SUM mechanical elements, to ensure that you will always have the greatest benefits with your scooter.

High quality scooter

It is important to note that the suspensions are basic, with a conventional fork, and a simple shock absorber in the rear. However, these have a high degree of sophistication, especially when we talk about other elements that they have incorporated.

They have an advanced instrumentation through an LCD screen and it has a Bluetooth connectivity. In addition, to go at night, it incorporates LED lights both in front and rear, high quality, so you can always have excellent performance during the night.

In addition, it incorporates both front and rear disc brakes in configurations starting at 125cc. This will allow you to have greater security, and with its integrated glove box it will give you great versatility to carry all your things in a simple way.

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