Mash Family Side Euro 4

Mash Family Side

Certainly the Mash Family Side is an excellent option, especially since it is the first sidecar of the Euro 4 series in the world. It has a retro cut, and is one of the most striking products of the Mash firm.

It is an approved self-propelled vehicle for three people, and since 2017 it joined the renewed range of motorcycles. This sidecar can be found in different dealerships in Spain and of course in Tenerife at Más que Motos Tenerife, and has a fairly attractive price of 9.195€, which allows you to have a vintage-style sidecar at a great price.

Its price is above the Five Hundred

If we compare it with the Five Hundred, its price is almost double, but with its finishes it will really be worth buying. It offers the same power of 27cv, which allows you to pull 79KG more, making it a very efficient machine.

In addition, it is a sidecar equipped for all types of terrain, especially because it has an adjustable Fast Ace steering damper. Its fork of 41mm in diameter, allows to have a great resistance, and allows you to fully enjoy this sidecar, especially for its great resistance. Especially when we contrast it with the Five Hundred, because it has its 35mm fork which certainly represents an improvement in the Mash Family Side, and that, accompanied by thicker rear shocks, will always provide an excellent solution at all times.

More secure items on the Mash Family Side

The Mash Family Side incorporates a trunk and reinforced tires, which will provide much more security when going by any route. In addition, it has been equipped with the reverse gear, so you can drive in any situation, and do not depend on the strength of your legs when you want to back off.

On the other hand, it has a new brake system, which increases safety, and which is necessary due to the increase in weight. To ensure safety in this regard, a disc system has been implemented in each wheel, as well as a direct connection between the rear wheel of the motorcycle and the basket.

All these elements make this sidecar an excellent option when it comes to enjoying a great vehicle with a retro cut. In addition, it is suitable for the A2 card, so, if you already have this card, you will not have to worry at all, because you can start touring the streets on your Mash Family Side.

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